10 Things I Absolutely LOVE About My Cat


Meet Damien, my beloved cat (who lives with my mom). I am absolutely bonkers for this cat and people probably think I’m crazy (or at least non-cat-people). People ask me what my favourite thing about him is, and I can never come up with just one…in fact, it’s hard enough narrowing it down to ten. But since cats are cute, and my fellow cat lovers can probably agree with some (or all of these), I thought I’d share my list with you!

10. He’s always willing to join in on my selfies.

his willingness to pose for selfies

9. He’s always trying to help with laundry (the blue thing is a bra lol).


8. His laid-back disposition.

laidback disposition

7. The way he cuddles this giant stuffed cow.


6. How he’ll always try new things (like this skateboard).

try anything once5. His abundance of belleh floof (and his constant desire for belly rubs).


4. This pose.

this pose

3. His giant floofy feet!

big furry feet

2. The way he kneads in the air.

the way he kneads the air


(drum rolls)


He looks a little concerned....He looks a little concerned….

That’s all folks! Please comment with photos or reasons why you love your kitties so much!!!

Hope y’all have a fantastic weekend!



My New Haircut (and why I’ll never cut my own hair again)

As a new blogger I am still having a hard time coming up with what to blog about, but I thought it would be fun to share the story behind my new haircut. It’s not your typical ‘make and appointment and show up’ cut and it probably should have ended in tears, but it worked out a lot better than I could have imagined!

Basically, I used a ponytail method to cut an inverted bob at home that turned out alright. After a few days I would trim a couple missed spots here and there. One morning I decided that my hair didn’t have enough layers so I tried to do some trimming myself. I’m not sure what convinced me that this was a good idea. Sometimes I get a little too carried away with DIY tutorials etc. I should have known better than to cut my own hair (especially in the back).

Accidentally, I cut a huge chunk out of my hair and there was nothing I could do to fix it. I was so frustrated and wasn’t sure what to do. I hastily threw a scarf around my head to cover the back of my hair and went to the closest salon I could get to. I was SO embarrassed to show the hairdresser what I had done. She wasn’t sure if she could fix it, but she’d give it a try.

I’ve never paid more than $15 or $20 for a haircut in my life, but this place charged me $50 (plus tax & tip). I can definitely see why they charge more though. I’ve never had such a pleasant experience in my life, and the products they used in my hair were sooo nice! When all was said and done, my hair was fixed!

The moral of the story–don’t believe that you can give yourself a great haircut just because you’ve seen a few youtube videos on stacked bobs.

IMG_6918I am no longer forced to cover the back of my head. Though, I look pretty snazzy in a fedora.

IMG_6912For those who live in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada), feel free to check out Rinaldo Spa, who did a wonderful job at fixing my stupid mistake!


Be A Glow Getter – 10 Products That’ll Make You Glow

Lately I’ve been in love with highlighting and contouring and have been trying out different products to find which ones work best for me. Here’s a list of 10 great products that will help give you a nice summer glow. Some of these I’ve already tried and some I’m still looking forward to trying later in the summer when I need to restock my makeup bag!

Question – What products do you gals use? (I look forward to hear your answers)!

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DIY Seaweed Facial Mask


Today I woke up and decided that I was going to slap some seaweed on my face in the name of beauty! Actually, I’ve been reading a lot about the different things you can find around the home that you can use for your hair and skin. I stumbled across a few articles about using seaweed on your face as a mask and decided to give it a go!

IMG_6936I started out with a bowl of warm water and added some herbal green tea (I hear that green tea can be beneficial to your skin).


Then I placed some dried seaweed into the bowl until it got soft enough to put on my face. Make sure you don’t soak it for too long or it will start falling apart. I used a full sheet of nori (the stuff you roll sushi with) that I had bought from the grocery store a while back. I used the sheet as a whole and poked nose, mouth, and eye holes. This was probably a bad idea since it kept moving around and falling off. I suggest cutting it into strips and putting them on one at a time. I couldn’t take a good photo of it on my face because as I was trying to take the photo, the mask started to slide. So just don’t move around too much until you’re ready to wash it off. It’s actually a hilarious photo…


I look so impressed.

Once I put the seaweed in the compost and rinsed my face off, it felt quite refreshed. I’m not sure if my skin looks visibly better, but I definitely felt refreshed. Let me know what you guys think, and enjoy your Sunday!


Be Inspired!

Since I’m pretty new to blogging, I was trying to come up with ideas of what to post today, but am a bit lazy on the weekends. Then I decided to go through some old photos when it occurred to me that I should put them to good use. I happen to LOVE anything to do with graphic design, so I tweaked a few photos. Then another idea occurred to me–why not put some quotes on them. I’m a bit of a sucker for inspiring sayings and quotes, so that’s exactly what I did. I’ll share with you the few that I did today, with more to come in the future!s1 IMG_2239 IMG_1334IMG_5270

I hope you liked them! Please feel free to share with me some of your favourite inspirational quotes and sayings! Hope you guys have a great (and inspired) Saturday!


Oh So Nautical: 10 Affordable Nautical Inspired Must-Haves

So, I’m a HUGE fan of the nautical look, and what a better time of year to share with you some of the cute finds I’ve stumbled upon online! I absolutely love all of these looks, and they are all around $55 or less, which is great for me since I’m always looking for a good steal. You can take a peek at all these beauties by setting sail to the shopping links listed below the photo. Enjoy!


New Blog, New Blogger!

Hello everyone, new blogger here! I started This Sweet Life because I wanted to share my views, passions, opinions and ideas with the world. I am by no means a professional blogger so you’ll have to give me some leeway (for the first little bit anyways 😉 ). I’ve always loved rambling on about my favourite online shops, products I love, projects I take on, ideas I have and random thoughts…so instead of boring my friends with them, I’ll bore you instead! I’ll try my hardest to not let you nod off while reading, but you’ve been warned–I’m a newbie!!

I look forward to sharing with you, so stay tuned for more posts!